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"Pregnancy for me is never something that I have ever enjoyed, and with my second this was the case. From 5 weeks pregnant I suffered with severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). I remember finding out I was pregnant and going on holiday the week after. I spent most of that holiday in hospital attached to a drip as I was so poorly. I couldn't keep anything down and my own salvia made me sick. For the remainder of my pregnancy I was in and out of hospital with dehydration and on anti sickness medication. The HG lasted until 36 weeks. 

For me I looked forward to the birth, as I knew that this would be the end to the sickness and I would get to meet my baby. Due to a previous medical condition in my brain, I had had my first baby by elective c-section. After doing my research and talking it through with my Obstetrician & Neurologist, I made the decision that it was best for me and my baby to opt for another elective caesarean. With my first section I hadn't done much research and just went along with it. I wanted this time to be different. Whilst I don't have any bad feelings towards my first delivery, I feel like it could have been a lot more personalised. 

Talking through with my partner, we decided that we would have a more gentle approach to this delivery. When I was 28 weeks pregnant I was given the date our c-section would take place. This is the part I always find weird, knowing exactly when your little one will be born. The control freak in me loved this, and having a day to aim for and know that my sickness would definitely be over.

The week before the date, I was contacted by the hospital to advise that they had to change date it and it was actually being brought forward.

The date seemed to come round in a flash and soon it was time to travel to the hospital. We had to be at the hospital by 7:30am, in the lift on the way up to the maternity ward, we were met by a lovely midwife, we started talking and found out she would be the midwife looking after us. I will never forget her face. 

When we arrived on the ward we found that we would be going first, there was another couple booked in for their section that day too. The Obstetrician came to have a chat with us and talk us through the procedure, this is when we expressed our wishes for a more gentle delivery. It was met with welcome arms, and they were more than happy to accommodate us. 

My partner got changed into his scrubs and I got changed into my gown and then with the midwife we walked down to the theatre. By this point I was just so excited, I was calm and literally couldn't wait to meet our baby. 

When we arrived at the theatre we were met by around 15 people, all there to do their own little job. Everyone was very warm and friendly and we had a chat whilst everything was being prepared. When it was time for the spinal block I kept calm, breathed through it and held my partners hand. I felt in such safe hands. The midwife never left our side. Once the procedure started she talked us through everything, she told us as our baby pulled herself out, and suddenly she was here! Our little girl was placed straight on my chest, and I was so happy to meet her. After a few minutes my little one was struggling a little with her breathing, I think she was a bit shell shocked at being born, so she was taken across the room to have a little bit of help. My partner went with her and was right by her the whole time. After being seen by the doctor, she was fine and returned to us wrapped up like a little burrito! 

Once I had been stitched up, we were taken to a lovely dimly lit recovery room where the same midwife came with us. We unwrapped our baby and carried on with skin to skin. She latched onto my boob pretty much straight away, and we breathed in all of that newborn loveliness. Both me and my partner were able to do skin to skin with her, and we were in that recovery room for well over an hour. 

After this time we were transferred to the post natal ward, where we stayed over night. We were both discharged the next evening. A lot of people worry about the recovery after a c-section. Now I wouldn't say I bounced back, but I certainly didn't stay in bed all the time either. I took things steady and didn't overdo it. 

For me I had the best birth ever, I look back at it with utter joy and would do it tomorrow in a heartbeat."


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