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"When I found out I was pregnant I immediately looked into how I could find out more about hypnobirthing.
A friend of mine had practiced it and raved about it but initially I had been a bit skeptical. Hypnosis? Not really my thing. But it was a friend whose judgement I really trusted, so I did some research and what I learned- I loved! It was so scientific and straightforward!

After the first session, it was clear that some of my biggest fears around birth were the potential medical interventions, c-section being a biggy! However, Laura covered all our options and prepared us for everything, arming us with all the information and confidence needed. We practised using the hypnobirthing techniques at home and listened to the tracks, and my husband was amazing at motivating and supporting me.

Towards the end of the pregnancy we were seriously considering a home-birth. The midwife had confirmed that the baby was in the right position and had assessed our home and given us the go ahead, when I had to go for a scan to check the baby’s growth as it appeared to have slowed. We were surprised to find that the growth was in fact fine, but the baby was still breech!
We were given another week for the baby to turn around and in that time another midwife checked and said that she thought they were now in the correct position! I was so relieved- it would all be straight forward again!
Unfortunately, when we went for the scan to check- baby was still breech! She had us all fooled!
Using our BRAINS we decided to attempt an ECV to get her into the right position. I felt very anxious but wanted to provide the opportunity for the baby to turn around for the safest and easiest birth possible. When the time came, I was using my up-breathing techniques to keep calm and I was ready! Before they attempted the ECV we had one final scan to check the baby’s position and make sure they were safe. Another complication! It turned out that the reason our baby hadn’t turned was because her chord was around her neck. It wouldn’t be safe to attempt an ECV.
It also wouldn’t be safe to attempt a vaginal birth. The birth I’d imagined and prepared myself for wasn’t going to happen. I was going to have to have a c-section. The thing I had most feared!
Except, it didn’t seem so scary any more. Following the sessions with Laura, we had already written a birth preferences document for an unplanned c-section alongside our ‘ideal birth scenario’. This was what I needed to do to get my baby here safely. I had practised my hypnobirthing techniques, I wouldn’t be using them for labour now but they could still be applied to keep me calm in facing my fears. I actually felt calm!

When the day came, it was surreal to be heading to the hospital, knowing our baby would be with us in just a few hours. We were so excited!
We were introduced to all of the midwives, nurses and surgeons who would be carrying out the section and they were all wonderfully friendly, supportive and encouraging. They looked at our preferences and noted how we wanted our baby to be born.
As we went down for the surgery I was so frightened, I was shaking and the nurse told me my heart rate was very high. I remembered my breathing techniques and quickly got my heart rate back down- I even remember the nurse commenting on how quickly I’d adjusted. Thank you hypnobirthing!

We then had our own music playing and my husband sat and held my hands while we waited for our baby to be born!
It was a very strange feeling- no pain but a bit like someone unloaded their shopping bags in my tummy! At this point I was singing along to our music and my husband was repeating some of my favourite affirmations to me.

Before we knew it, the curtain was being lowered and we could hear our baby cry! She had a good set of lungs!
I was able to see her being lifted out- the most incredible, magical moment of my life. One I will never forget. It was wonderful!
We hadn’t known if we were having a girl or a boy and I was crying and telling my husband ‘we’ve got a little girl, our baby girl!’
My husband was able to cut the cord, and as soon as they’d checked she was ok, she was on my chest. Our beautiful baby girl was here and safe! She stayed with me while I had my stitches and then my husband had a special moment alone with her while I was cleaned up and moved on to a bed for recovery. I was then able to breastfeed her straight away and we stayed cuddled up while I was monitored before being moved to the ward.

I didn’t think that a c-section would have been a positive birth story for me. It was something I greatly feared and the opposite of the medical intervention free birth I had envisaged during my pregnancy! But thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques I had learned, the information and confidence Laura had given me, and the wonderful medical staff at Derby Royal, I can honestly say it was such a magical, positive experience. I have memories of my baby’s birth that I will treasure forever."

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