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Our online antenatal & hypnobirthing course is here and we are so excited to share it with you! 

Our course will fully prepare you for the birth of your baby and provide you with all the information that you need to help you get the birth you want. 

Everything you need to know and more is included in this course to help you feel informed, educated and confident to make the decisions that are right for you and your baby. 

I truly believe that everyone deserves a positive birth experience and going into birth blind simply isn't an option. I heard a phrase once that said; "If you don't know your options, then you don't have any!" That really couldn't be more true. 

We have designed this course with everyone in mind. Here at The Happy Birthing Co. we provide a safe space for everyone, you are all welcome. We have made it as accessible as possible to everyone. This is our most affordable antenatal & hypnobirthing course, not because the content isn't quality but because we want everyone to be able to access it and to not be frightened of birth. 

Included in the course:

  • Over 35 online video lessons - a complete and in-depth antenatal & hypnobirthing course

  • 4 guided relaxation MP3s for you to download

  • Practical guides of how to prepare your body for birth

  • PDF Course Notebook with useful information for you to use

  • Private Facebook Support Group for you to meet other parents who have taken our course

  • Exclusive Access to Laura, founder of The Happy Birthing Co. to ask questions (additional charges apply)


Our course is modern and up to date with the latest information. Every birth choice is talked about giving you an unbiased view on all birth options. 

This course is for all people and all births. 



Our online course provides you with all the information you will need, however if you feel like you need a little extra support or want to discuss your personal birth choices you can get exclusive access to our founder Laura. 

The birth preparation meeting includes a 1 hour zoom meeting, where you are free to ask Laura anything you would like. 

The cost of this session is a one off payment of £75. 


How does it work?

The course it broken up into bitesize videos making it easy for you to learn. You will be directed to our online learning area where you will find everything you need. The course is accessible on all devices; phone, iPad, laptop etc. You can watch the course all in one go or dip in and out whenever is best for you. Once you have purchased the course you will have access to it and all of the course materials for a whole year! 

When should I buy the course?

Most people start the course after 20 weeks, however if you are feeling anxious then you can start it right away and it will make all the difference. If you start early you will be able to jump back in and refresh your mind closer to when your baby is expected. 

Will I need to do another antenatal course?

The answer is no! We are all about choice here, so if you want to join another course to meet some new people in your area then do it, but we will teach you everything you need to know!

I'm not planning a home/water birth, is this course for me?

100% yes! Our course is for all births. Whatever birth you are planning, hospital birth, home birth, induction, c-section we have you covered! Our course will give you useful techniques and coping mechanisms to help you deal with all birth scenario's. 

How much is the course?

The course is a one off payment of £35. This is the worlds most affordable hypnobirthing course making it accessible to everyone! Because everyone deserves a positive birth experience! 

Does my birth partner have to do the course too?

They don't have to no, but we would recommend it. There is nothing better than having a clued up birth partner by your side, there to support you and be your advocate. 

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